Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Weekend Find:  Sockerbit Sweet & Swedish
89 Christopher off Bleeker in the West Village, New York
Vivid, Health Conscious, Smörgåsbord
Sockerbit = “sugar cube” in Swedish
Just in time for the Easter bunny to get come shopping done, Sockerbit popped up in the West Village. The pristine white walls and gleaming white floor draws you in with a colorful array of candies lining the walls. It’s a true testament of the eye and hearts excited reaction to Vivid colors.
Yes, it is Health Conscious candy. The candy here is imported from Sweden. Because of their origin, they are naturally healthier with no artificial ingredients, since Europe has stricter food regulations on GMO’s, Corn Syrup and artificial dyes. As for the calories, well those can burned off.
The Smörgåsbord of candies range from classics you will always have a taste for like mini snickers and mars bars to more exotic treats like Swedish Marshmallow (not meatballs). There are more sugary gummies than I have time to write about, very special Swedish chocolate bars called Kex and Finnish ones called Fezer. There is delicious rum raisin fudge that tastes like eggnog and licorice fudge too!
While purchasing my sweets by the pound ($11.99/lb), one of the owners was making candy arrangements. Inspired, I came home and made my own “Candy Kabobs”. They were a big hit at the 7 year old’s birthday party I attended.

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