Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Since spotting Barbie in several stores in Antwerp last month, she seems to be showing up more and more. Could there be a resurgence in Barbie's popularity? Is there a Barbie Anniversary I'm unaware of? Or perhaps is the gloomy world news, and we all need more pretty, entertaining, nostalgic distractions.

In any case, I'm loving being bombarded with more Barbie. I wish I has some at home to play with. The picture attached is the work of Emily Gary (6 yrs old) in Louisiana. Inspired by a Barbie & Ken wedding album on Glamour.com, she dressed up 15 Barbie bridesmaids.

No one can refute that Barbie is not PRETTY with her shiny hair, big eyes, & outstanding proportions. She provides hours of ENTERTAINMENT as your very own mini fashion model and soap opera star. Since we all had them as little girls (if you didn't, I'm sorry), they are a much needed dose of NOSTALGIA.

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