Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personalization: Timeless, Pedigreed, Anti-Globalism

Initials and the art of Monogramming are back in full force. While Monogramming is timeless, it goes through lulls especially during Minimalist trends seen in the 90s. Still even during lulls, it is never out of fashion which makes it a classic and timeless look.

The sight of monogrammed towels, shirt collars, Lands End fleece pullovers...  has an air of sophistication and pedigree as it denotes distinction and quality.

My Dad's Shirt circa 1984 and now My shirt, since we share initials

Rhinestone Rings - My Own from Brooklyn 4 Play in Park Slope

Studio Manhattan Vintage at Bryant Park Holiday Shops - Looking Glass Necklace w/ Initial


Initials are uniquely our own, even if some are shared, since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.  In the new age of globalism where everything is starting to look the same, we still crave being distinct and special. I think the rise in monogramming and wearing of initials is an Anti-Globalism movement to distinguish ourselves and our products.

At the
Bryan Park Holiday Market,
Studio Manhattan Vintage: Booth # G10
was one of the most "unique" namely because it was full of initials!

See images here of different ways to adorn your self with your very own letters. You can even where the letters of someone you love. 

Studio Manhattan Vintage - Initial Charm Bracelets
Studio Manhattan Vintage - Charm Initials: Rhinestones set in antique Brass

Monogramming at J.Crew

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