Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumpkintini: Festive, Fashionable, & Spicy

Pumpkintini: From the first moments of fall  till the New Year is rung in, a Festive cocktail is always in order. Pumpkins are the sort of official symbol of Fall which only leads to more fun with the holidays around the corner.  Turn a simple gathering into a Fashionable one when you serve anything with the word  -tini in it.  Pumpkins are always better with a bit of Spice, and a pumpkin spirit is no exception with a cinnamon swizzle stick!!!
Pumpkintini served with Spiced pecans

Recipe: 1 part Pumpkin Spice liquor, 1 part Vodka, Shake with ice and pour. Garnish with Cinnamon stick and rim martini glass with cinnamon and sugar.

Kettle Corn is a great snack with Pumpkintinis

Served on a Missoni for Target tray

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