Thursday, January 26, 2012


Chuppah pronounced: huppah

When we got engaged we were on a side trip from Amsterdam in Antwerp, Belgium. Happy to be engaged and happy to be alone, we took a break from the madness of touring and had our own little bed-in.
It didn't quite last a week (more like a very long morning) and the newspaper was not there to ask about our political message.

Jenée and Ari's Bed-In 2011. Not at the Amsterdam Hilton, but at the Antwerp Matelote

John and Yoko's Bed-In at the Amsterdam Hilton in 1969. Pictured in Town&Country Jan '12 for a pajama story

But if we were asked for a message, it might have been about how to dream up a big hippie love fest that would take place under a chuppah. The fun part about planning wedding is that you create this entire party which reflects your personalities. Nothing you don't like has to be a part of the ceremony and everything you do like can be exaggerated.

Me kissing Ari on another day in New Orleans. Peace.

Hippies at heart (and at our parents' hearts), we knew it would be a party that would last for a weekend just like any good music festival, and it be on grounds where many of our friends and    family could stay (like a little commune).

CHUPPAH is the canopy under which the marrying couple stands during the wedding ceremony. It is a Jewish wedding tradition which was first used in the marriage of Adam & Eve. Since we are 1/2 Jewish and Ari chose to pop the question on the corners of Jerusalem and Oude Wagg Streets, no doubt there would be many Jewish customs as part our multi-cultural event.
Just engaged: on corner of Jerusalem Street

Now for your Viewing Pleasure: 
John and Yoko make history on their honeymoon  
(we have a lot to live up to)

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