Saturday, January 21, 2012


The day we chose to get married could not be a more fitting day: Buddha's Birthday.
For our big Cajun-Jewish wedding we needed one more culture to throw into the gumbo pot.

During our relationship we both grew to love practicing yoga, especially together. Coming from different religions, I felt that it was our religion in common. I'm not saying yoga is a religion, but the time we spend in yoga together is where we meditate (pray), reflect, calm down and do something good for our physical body as well. We always leave more peaceful, invigorated and a little more in love.

Tree Pose in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Tri pod (variation?) Fire Island, New York

How to decorate for Buddha's birthday
                                          bamboo, jade buddha's, double happiness

The wedding decor will not be a Zen paradise, but rather have subtle hints of Chinoiserie.
Overall, the theme is one of Hollywood Glamour set in the country side of Louisiana. But Hollywood in the 20s was enamored with Chinese prints, lacquered furniture, bamboo shapes, and porcelain vases.

 My Dad, Chris, took on the task of making bamboo candle holders for the guest tables. They know someone, who knows someone who has a field full of bamboo. (This is the kind of thing I miss about living in the country).

So my dad cut down several stalks and is sawing them into the appropriate heights of 4", 6" and 8". Some will be sprayed gold and some black to tie into the wedding colors.

Bamboo will be featured in other arenas of the ceremony decor (Hint: Chuppah Poles!)

Bamboo Candle Holders painted Gold, Black, and Natural Bamboo

Jade Buddha sitting in Ari's Jade Plant
Buddha my dad found. I think it's a souvenir from Mexico

Happy Buddha

Note: We did not choose this day on purpose.

After going through many dates that didn't work for this reason or that one we landed here.

Only when I was speaking to my friend, Lien, in Hong Kong did I find this out. She was checking her calender to see if she would be able to take off and come to Louisiana for the wedding. Excitedly she told me, "Oh we have a holiday for Buddha's Birthday".  I could not wait to tell Ari and it was at this moment I knew the date was meant to be.

Double Happiness in Chinese Language

Double Happiness Cake Topper !

The feng shui Chinese symbol of double happiness is a popular classical feng shui cure to attract and strengthen the energy of love & marriage. This feng shui symbol has the energy of perfect harmony and balance between two people and is often used in the Southwest area of a home. 

Carved sculptures my mom found at an antique fair in Washington, La.

Straw Purse my mom picked up at the same antique fair

Stay tuned to see how it all comes together at the Affair on Buddha's Birthday

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