Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Choosing colors for our wedding came about haphazardly, but I suppose since I am a designer, my subconscious knew exactly what it was doing.

I love APRICOT (ORANGE) for it's happy yet warm quality. On a sheer fabric in the sunlight orange glows like the sunset. That was the first choice.

Then on a more spiritual note I loved the idea of wearing JADE jewelry on my wedding day. In Chinese culture, it's color represents Loyalty, and jade is aligned with the Heart Chakra which involves complex emotions, compassion, tenderness, Unconditional Love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being.

MASCARA & POWDER (BLACK & WHITE) would help to create the sharp Graphic contrast needed to bring out the bold patterns of the Art Deco style, which is reminiscent of the 1920's Hollywood Silver-Screen

GOLD clearly says Luxury and Glamour which is what Hollywood movies emphasized in the 1920's. Gold is also prominent in many Chinese celebrations since it is a symbol of Wealth & Happiness. Aside from all that, 2012 is very much a Gold Year which is the real reason I had to have it.

                                Apricot (Orange)------------------- Happy, Warm, Glow, Sunset
                                Jade------------------------------Loyalty, Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love
                                Mascara & Powder (Black & White)----------Graphic, Art Deco
                                Gilt (Gold)----------------------Luxury, Glamor, Hollywood

The colors really came together when my friend, Cassie LaGreca, a graphic designer from Chicago began to make patterns from which we could draw inspiration for Invitations, Fabric prints and Set design.

 In the end the colors all worked even if they were chosen haphazardly. The black & white grounds everything and the gold makes it luxurious. The colors are meaningful and make me happy. So There.

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