Monday, January 30, 2012


From Trendy to Vintage to Classic - IT'S ALL HERE

Planning a wedding from New York is a huge privilege, if you enjoy shopping. With all of the options this metropolis has to offer in the way of bridal boutiques, jewelry shops, shoes, a plethora of artists ready to make custom couture anything, a girl/or boy never has to settle.

My Google map of shopping trip

Yesterday was devoted whole heartedly to shopping for bridal jewels !!!!!!!!

As mentioned before in A WEDDING COLOR STORY, the color Jade was incorporated because I wanted to wear Jade jewelry. The bright green color is stunning with a white dress and the gem holds special powers that I want surrounding me on that day.

Since Dana is doing some wedding research of her own and she is my partner in crime, we had a date to meet in the morning on the Upper East Side where we would meander our way down to the Lower Ease Side.

Attached is a map of our Shopping Journey with Descriptions of each place. I hope this makes the next bride's shopping pursuit a little easier.

Click here to launch Google Maps.

Below are some photos taken along the way....

Jennifer Miller Jewelry on the Upper East Side : jennifer miller jewelry website
Simon Tu's on Upper East Side : Simon Tu website

Pilgrim in Lower east Side

Wendy Mink in the Lower East Side

Wendy MInk: Wendy Mink Website

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