Thursday, February 2, 2012


Siman Tu: Enchanting, Opulent, Customized

During our marathon jewelry shopping - My absolute favorite stop of the day was at Siman Tu Jewelry Gallery
Siman Tu's Storefront on Lexington Ave.

Jill, who works with Siman on Saturdays, first greeted us. Then the fabulous and fabulously sweet, Siman, welcomed us to his "Enchanted Forest" The decor that surrounds the jewels is that of tree limbs, flowers, canaries in birdcages, and friendly gold fish. It truly is Enchanting.
                                                                                             (enchant – fill with great delight; charm)

My first image of Siman will forever be ingrained in my mind. He was a graceful presence in Winter White tones from head to toe. He was wearing pearl and metallic brocade pants that really showed his Opulent side which is very apparent in his designs.
(opulent- ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish)

On of the first things that caught my eye was a picture of Lilly Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.
Siman works with the stylist of Gossip Girl to create much of the jewelry worn on the show. If it’s good enough for Gossip Girl then it’s good enough for…
As seen on Gossip Girl - one of many looks - from Raw Denim website

The customer service could not have been better.  Jill and Siman know how to cater to you without pestering you.  They lend their good taste but never pressure you. One of the best services is that pretty much everything is Customizable. If it is made in silver and you want it in gold, he can do that. If it is shown in a blue stone and you want it in green, he can do that. Since he is the designer and makes all of the jewelry on the premises, he can make these modifications somewhat quickly.
(customize- to make or alter to individual or personal specifications)

The jewelry at Siman Tu is breathtakingly gorgeous.  It is the perfect place to shop for a special occasion or just for a quality, designer jewelry piece to add to your collection. He also has special Bridal pieces for your hair and can make veils/ birdcages… He is happy to work with you to make a special creation.

Me with Siman in his gallery wearing the Chandelier Earings

A stunning Jade necklace with Swaroski elements by Siman
These earrings are so much fun
They definitely say Party

On Verve website : Click here to find

Standing near some of the more traditional Bridal wear


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