Saturday, February 11, 2012


Wedding Planning Done Right: Organized Checklists, Time spent together, Lil'Extra Money

English Breakfast Tea with Milk

This week we looked forward to the forecast of snow today so that we could spend more time wedding planning instead of running in the park. On lovely days we both feel guilty for staying indoors. The snow was lack luster, but I still put on my snow boots.

Ari makes his To-Do list in his Notebook and I take notes on my iPad.

 We start the morning at Little Purity Diner in the neighborhood. It's really cozy and we love the waitress here. Ari always makes a joke about wanting a chocolate milk shake for breakfast and she always threatens to make one for him. We went the sweet route this morning and ordered French Toast and Pancakes with English Breakfast Tea. It was a great start to a cold Saturday in Brooklyn.
 Ari cut his pancakes in the most interesting shape: Lattice Work. 
Perhaps we can incorporate this design somehow????
 Heading back home, Ari had to stop at his favorite neighborhood coffee shop: De Luxe
The couple that runs this place are the coolest, friendliest coffee slingers around. 
Now we can be sufficiently wound up to check off the To-Do list.

Now we are waking up.
The decor at DeLuxe is the best. Love is in the ari, i mean air.
DeLuxe Signage   dzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

 One Last Stop
This morning I heard tonight's NY Powerball is one of the largest in history. Normally we don't play the lottery but wouldn't it be great if we did play and won!!???!!!
Giving it a shot today - 
We chose numbers that are the dates of our wedding.......
wish us luck

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