Sunday, March 11, 2012



It's not quite the first day of spring, but on the night that we reluctantly loose an hour of sleep, we get more sun time during the day to play.
Spring definitely brings out the playfulness in people as well as in fashion design.

While the trends are ever changing, there are fashion details we can always count on in Spring:
  •  Lots of color
  •  Natural materials like Linen, Wood and Straws
  •  Ethnic prints and findings (natural materials sometimes fits into this catagory)
           (ethnic as in characteristic of or belonging to a non-Western cultural tradition)

Yesterday morning I came upon the most beautiful images. They were taken in India of the Holi celebration, a Festival of Colors, which is a Hindu springtime festival.

These images manage to encompass all of these details and are the kind of images that could lead to a designer's Spring color palette.

Happy Daylight Savings and almost Spring.

Image Source: Yahoo News/ Reuters

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