Sunday, April 22, 2012


 not quite formal but more exciting than just cocktail - add some flair!!!!

Deciding what to wear to a party or event can be tricky especially when the dress code is a word other than: Formal or Casual
In an attempt to always stand out (by that I do not mean myself but just about everyone in my generation), we make up new words for attire requirements.

For our wedding I chose: COCKTAIL FABULOUS

It's outside and in the warm south, so Formal is not appropriate.

While it is outside, there are tents with chandeliers and a black & white checkered dance floor, so Casual is definitely not appropriate.

A Cocktail dress code would be appropriate, but since I love accessories, I added on the fabulous part.

Thus, Cocktail Fabulous, is not quite Formal but more fun than just plain ole Cocktail. Fabulous comes in many forms. Some just happen to be: dripping in jewels, hats, fascinators, lacy gloves, and anything that will make your martini glass look accessorized.

It should be fun.

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