Thursday, June 21, 2012


MOLLY RINGWALD: The 80s, Hats, Lace, Asymmetrical Hair

Sunday Ari and I decided on French for breakfast and went to a favorite neighborhood cafe, Couleur Café for coffee, bread and jam.

Aside from being delighted by the Raspberry jam, I loving the look our waitress was rocking. It was like she stepped right out of an 80's brat pack movie. Yet, she didn't looked dated, which tells me that Molly Ringwald style is just around the corner.

Hence today's Style Icon is MOLLY RINGWALD

Our waitress, Camille, looks so cool in front of baguettes and jam in her all black outfit, Lacy, flowy top, felt hat and Asymmetrical hair. She also had just the right amount of attitude for the look.


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