Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Krakoff Sunglasses: Retro, Sexy, Glamour

If you build it they will come..... If you buy sunglasses the sun will come out... Right?

It's been a cold, rainy start to Summer in New York City. Today is extra dismal.

But at the Reed Krakoff (2012 CFDA Accessories Designer of the Year) shop in Sak's Fifth Avenue, his new sunglasses were stunning enough to purchase even if the sun never comes out again!!!

These glasses are everything you want to be rolled into one.

Trying on the goods in the shop

RETRO - No we have not had enough Mad Men style. A retro look, when not too over done head to toe, is the essence of cool. So bring out your hoity toity, Palm Beach 60's style, not your hippie 60's style for Summer 2012.

Color Assortment of the "Eclipse Frame"

SEXY - Confidence is the sexiest accessory and it takes confidence to wear this big statement eye wear. Still there is a softness with the uneven organic shape of the frames that keeps it from being too severe.

My Choice: "Eclipse Frame" in Yellow Buy here

GLAMOUR - Large lenses always lend themselves to a look of Glamour as starlets have used them for years to hide behind.  These have movie star status written all over them.

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