Sunday, June 10, 2012


MAN TANK TOPS: Marlon Brando, Tough, Muscle T-shirt, Hipster cut-off 


  Let's Play... Ball

As you know, I'm obsessed with the style of Summer right now - not peplum, not pastels, not laser cut leather, not booties and sundresses - all great Summer Trends...
But the Style of Summer where our styling choices reflect the things we love to do in Summer.

In this season of playing outside, a very intriguingly dressed baseball player stepped onto my train ride home, and I could not stop looking at his uniform. 
The tank style top was unique to the traditional style of baseball uniforms.

I befriended the trendsetter, Shawn, and when I inquired about the choice of sleeveless uniform he said, "It gets really hot when your in Central Park playing ball." It's as simple as that, I suppose.

After a bit of research, I discover Shawn is not the first. But they are far and few between.

Men in Tanks

Marlon Brando on the set of "A Streetcar Named Desire


Marlon Brando probably started the tough, sexy look of a man in a tight fitting tank top that turned into the cool Greaser look of the 50s.

The evolution of the tank into the Muscle Shirt
In the 80s, it became widely known as a muscle t-shirt and just had a pretty negative connotation. Not cool anymore.

Hipster represented: Lumber jack on the face/ graphic tank top on the skinny white body/ admission to riding a bike

Urban Outfitters: Corporation that preys on the Hipster culture

Then the Hipster, who was able to take everything that was once Ugly (and still is), made it cool again. No muscles required for tanks, just a lot of confidence. See cut off shorts.

...but Shawn is bringing the buff back, into tanks.

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