Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Officially summer starts on June 21st, but Memorial Day really kicks off the Season. It's truly a turning point that makes the new season realized with lots of BBQ parties and a day off from work.
If you're from Louisiana or on the same latitude, summer started a long time ago...

This weekend I was reminded of all the wonderful things to look forward to in Summer: more sunshine, more time outside, more water sports, more reggae and more hanging out with friends.

Ari and I had an early introduction to summer since we were in Costa Rica last month. We got a head start on our tans and Ari tried surfing for the first time.  The surf school consisted of these 3 cool guys that hung out on the beach everyday waiting for someone wanting lessons. My very athletic Ari was somewhat overcome with a sport popular with "beach bums". 
He learned that the key to surfing is not so much muscle as it is being relaxed. This is a perfect creed for Summer
Ari Practicing his surfing moves

Ari and his instructors - Very cool, Very Relaxed

Instructor showing Ari the basics

Me on the side lines imitating
Ari finally catching a wave!!!!

I don't surf, but I do believe in trying to look like you know what doing even when you don't

 This is where the Reggae comes in.

Upon returning to New York we watched "Marley" at the Sunshine Theater. It was such a perfect reminder of what makes summer an ideal season. When I first discovered Reggae as a teenager, my boyfriend that summer insisted we drive around with the windows
down and the Legend CD playing loudly. 
Reggae is the sound of summer.

Then to kick off Memorial Day weekend, I went for a sail on the Hudson with my friend Wendy. The water and the wind were perfect. We watched the sunset as we steered the J24 around the river and were reminded how the elements guide us, not the other way around.
Wendy and me sailing on the Hudson in front of the Statue of Liberty

Until it gets too hot, I am in love with summer and all that it has to offer...

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