Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fashion Note: Italy - Sexy, Tailored, & Proud

To Rome With Love (and back)

This summer New York is abundant with Italian culture. Well, New York is always teeming with Italian culture with Little Italy and all. Though, currently, the art houses bring a new awareness to one of the worlds favorite countries for food, fashion and vacations.

In the same week I indulged in the new summer Woody Allan movie, "To Rome with Love" and the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition "Impossible Conversations". Both draw much inspiration from Italy and it's characters.

                                                        Trailer "To Rome with Love"

                                            Exhibition at the MET through Aug. 19, 2012

Italy has always been a country I felt very comfortable in, even more than France; my mother country (well my great great great.... grandparent's mother country). Perhaps it is all the "comfort" food, but even before I knew I liked "fashion" I loved shopping in Italy.

It is historically known for it's fashion and vanity. The dress code is always sexy even with out trying.
When visiting this past spring I saw a middle aged woman wearing heels, fishnet stockings, and a mini skirt on her way to work, during the day. Even though it is a very Catholic culture (note the Dolce & Gabbana current adds) which comes with many reservations, being sexy 24 hours a day is not one.

For men, the classic look is one that is tailored. Suits always fit the body and the same goes for jeans. They were doing the skinny jean way before Williamsburg.  Amazingly they all keep trim physiques which is the only way to pull off this look. (America cannot embrace this look until we figure out the obesity epidemic)

Aside from clothing, everything is done with style and taste: decor, coffee, and bar food. See images below for proof!

Italian fashion and culture.... always inspiring

Italian woman on her lunch break, i guess.

Sleekly dressed men on their lunch breaks    

Window Shot of Roberto Cavalli Boutique - Baroque printed pant and Gilded Leather bag

At the top of the Spanish Steps, in Rome. The colors alone are inspiring.

Furla Shop window. Spring 2012 trend: Rubber bags!!!

Restaurant Floor in Rome - No detail goes unnoticed here.

Hanging out in the park - with a better camera this could be a Dolce & Gabbana add.

Aperitivo - One of the best inventions in Italy: practically free food with a glass of wine in the early evening

Coffee really is better in Italy

Even the manner of drinking coffee is done with style

The lobby of our hotel - over the top with mixes of patterns, yet still tasteful
Spring 2012 Dolce & Gabbana add. Photos by Mariano Vivanco

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