Monday, August 20, 2012

Fashion Note: Catskill Hippie Chick

When you live in New York, where you choose to summer is a dead give-away of who you really are.  In some cases it relays your ethnicity and in other cases it communicates your personal style.

We have not yet chosen one place to spend the summer, as if we could afford that kind of luxury :) Though we do have some favorite summer weekend get-a-ways.

One of our favorites is the Catskills near Woodstock. It's definitely where the hippies at heart take respite from the city. There are old hippies who have been there since the 60's and new ones that hunt for crystals in the mountains, among other activities. We go for hiking, relaxing, swimming in streams, and discovering quaint mountain towns.

It's all a quick ride north, starting from Grand Central Station
I also designed this handbag for Summer weekend get-a-ways. It's a metallic straw body with copper embossed snake trim.

Of course, I enjoyed getting into the appropriate gear to fit into the scenery:
  • cut off Levis 
  • wooden jewelry
  • cork-ease sandals
  • and an Yves Saint Laurent vintage scarf
PEACE.... LOVE.... &........

Scarves tied around the base of the head in this manner are either pirate or hippie. In this case I was a hippie on that day.

Yves Saint Laurent was a Bohemian at heart and his vintage pieces always belong in a true hippies wardrobe.
Yves via Pinterest

Yves in Marrakesh - as seen in Gypset

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